6 Vlogging Essentials You Need To Kickstart Your YouTube

There’s no better time to get started!

6 Vlogging Essentials You Need To Kickstart Your YouTube

With more people spending time indoors than ever as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s no better time to get on board with vlogging if you’ve been meaning to give it a go — whether that’s to become a YouTube influencer, or just to enhance your business’ other content creation efforts.

To stand out from the crowd and build a following of dedicated subscribers, you’ll need two things: Great content and the right YouTube gear and equipment. To help you sort out your vlogging kit, we’ve teamed up with the photography experts at Ted’s Cameras for this article. Read on to learn the 6 items they consider essential for everyone interested in starting a vlog.

1. A camera with vlogging-friendly features
While it’s common for beginner vloggers to kick off their channel using a camcorder or webcam, as you develop your online presence, you’ll need a high-quality vlogging camera. Depending on your budget and skill level, your options include a compact, DSLR, or mirrorless camera. Whichever you choose, look out for the following key features…


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