Social Connections During Social Distancing

Maintaining Human Connections in Time of Social Distancing

Connection with people is an inherent aspect of our human society. We seek out and lean on human interaction when we are experiencing the stress of life’s challenges. This biological programming drives us to gather in groups, usually shielding us from mental and physical harm.

Today, we are faced with a community challenge in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. This new threat challenges us to be creative in how we maintain our social connections, and manage our mental and physical health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended a policy of social distancing, which is a strategy to slow the infection rate to protect our most vulnerable community members. It preserves the ability of our health care system to provide services without being overwhelmed by extraordinary numbers of patients…



How To Connect During Social Distancing

How to connect during social distancing! // Want to build connections while self-isolating? This video explains the importance of social ‘closening’, how to be productive during self-isolation, how to stay focused on your physical health and continue to build powerful relationships…


8 Ways to Help Teens Cope with Social Distancing Blues

Social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic could be particularly challenging for adolescents and teens who thrive on social connections and may be missing events like prom and graduation…



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