Springtime and Gardening!

Well, it’s that time of year… if you love to grow your own veggies and flowers!

I know for me, this time of year comes and I start getting this itching to get my fingers in the dirt and start growing some things! Warmer days, sunshine, trees budding and blooming… yeah, I guess you could say that springtime is my favorite! Something in me feels like it’s awakening, along with the earth! I don’t know about you, but presently, I am living in a place where I don’t have any ground! I am in an upstairs condo with no ground space of our own!

So, this year, I am very interested in container gardening. In lieu of this, I will be posting several articles about this type of gardening. Ideally, I would be living on my own piece of land in the mountains, with plenty of growing space…but alas, I am living in Denver right now! Sometimes we just have to make the best of our present circumstances, which brings me to another blog idea! The power of positivity… but we’ll get to that later!

So, here are a few articles and videos I’ve gotten together for you in regards to container gardening…hope you enjoy and learn at least a thing or two that you didn’t know before! Life is all about learning…it’s a journey!



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